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Why Should You Re-Pave Your Parking Lot?

Parking lines
Your parking lot looks okay. But that's it - just okay. There are a few potholes here and there, and you can't really remember the last time that you repaved. If your parking lot is the first thing that clients and customers see, making sure that it looks top-notch is ultimately important to your business.
How can your parking lot impact your business? Whether your lot is just so-so, it's filled with cracks and holes or it's lumpy and bumpy, you don't want your lot to turn clients and customers away. If you're not sure whether you should repave your parking spaces, take a look the most common reasons why companies and small businesses choose to repave their lots.

Professional Appearance

You spend time, effort and money making sure that your clients and customers know that you're an expert in your field. Whether you sell shoes or provide legal services, you want everyone to know that you're a pro. And part of being a professional means having a professional appearance.
You wouldn't wear jeans with holes in the knees to meet a client at your accounting firm and you wouldn't show up to a business meeting dressed in a stained t-shirt. The same should go for your parking lot. A wornlooking, hole-filled parking lot is telling your customers, "I don't care."
How can this negatively impact your business? When customers think that you don't care about your property's appearance, they may think you don't care about what you do or how you do it. This can seem unprofessional and literally drive your clients and customers away. But if you have a resurfaced, expertly paved parking lot, your customers will see the effort you put in to making your business look fresh, clean and professional. This creates a welcoming environment that gives clients/customers the impression you're going for.

Accidents and Your Business

Those potholes filling your lot do more than look ugly. They're dangerous. If a customer doesn't see the hole, or can't avoid it, you could have a major problem on your hands. Your 'big client' is coming to your office for a major meeting. Now imagine that your client is driving through your lots and unsuspectingly strikes a pothole. Their tire blows out, the hubcap falls off or the car sustains some other equally as irritating (and dangerous) damage.
What happens when the client finally makes it into your building? Chances are that the 'big meeting' won't go in your favor.
The same goes for customers who are headed to your business to make a purchase or use your services. Having to call a tow truck and repair or replace a tire are added expenses, and headaches, that no one wants. Along with putting a negative spin on your business relationship, the person whose car hit the hole may even threaten legal action to recoup their money.
Having a smooth parking lot that's in good condition eliminates these worries. While you can't stop all accidents from happening, you can reduce the risk of these types of surface-related incidents by making sure that the pavement is in more than just okay shape

Traffic Flow

Keeping the flow of traffic going is essential for your business. Unless you want your customers sitting in traffic long enough to turn around and go home, you want an easy in and easy out type of parking situation.
A lot that's filled with bumps, dips and holes forces drivers to go slow. This can cause traffic and possibly even accidents. When one car tries to drive around a pothole or skids over a bump, you're looking at the possibility of a collision. And that's not something you want in your lot.
A well-paved parking lot with clear lines (for traffic direction and parking spaces) can improve the flow and keep your customers moving.
Do you need to pave your parking lot? Wenger Paving, INC can help.