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Should You Repave or Resurface Your Parking Lot

Whether you own a small business or a large box store, you’ll need to keep your asphalt parking lot smooth and up to date to leave a good impression on your customers—returning or new. Repaving your lot might not be necessary, while resurfacing it could be a waste of money. Here are a few factors to consider before making a decision.


First, consider the cost of the parking lot to confirm if it is fiscally feasible for your business to undergo a repaving job. Pavers usually charge by the square foot to either repave or overlay. You should also consider the labor prices and cost of local materials to get the job done effectively.


How many years has it been since you repaved your parking lot? A well-paved lot lasts about 20 years with regular maintenance every 3-5 years, depending on traffic. If it has been over 20 years, then replace your lot. If it hasn’t been over 20 years, but you haven’t had a resurface in a few years, then simply do an overly of the existing surface.


Your parking lot depends on the level of deterioration due to the amount of traffic you get daily. Have a paving company inspect your lot to get a detailed quote. There might be serious potholes and drainage issues that might lead you to get it repaved. On the other hand, simple cracks and potholes may need crack filling or milling to fix the problem areas.
To learn more about whether you should repave or resurface your parking lot in Santa Cruz County, speak with a professional paving contractor. Contact Wenger Paving at 831-476-8400 today to get a quote.