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Choosing Asphalt

Enger Paving, Inc. serves customers in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties and the surrounding areas with road, neighborhood, and driveway construction and maintenance. A question we encounter often concerns the difference between concrete and asphalt as roadway materials, so we want to discuss reasons for choosing asphalt.
Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen, which is a highly viscous tar-like liquid distilled from petroleum, that when combined with sand and small stones or gravel creates a durable and lasting coating. Asphalt is much easier to work with than concrete for reduced installation time. This benefit factors well into time-sensitive projects such as busy thoroughfare roadwork needing completion in off hours.
Asphalt is durable, more so than concrete with lacks the ability to “flex” with weather fluctuations causing it to crack. Asphalt, however, contains the aforementioned bitumen serving to contain and insulate substrate during temperature variances.
Asphalt is attractive in matte black continuity, setting apart the residence when applied on a driveway. As a covering for an entire subdivision, asphalt will give a youthful appearance to an aging neighborhood.
Asphalt provides stark contrast to lines and striping on the road increasing visual awareness and safety. Enger Paving, Inc looks forward to discussing your needs and stands ready to provide a bid for your project, call us today!